Ways to Get an immigration immigration green card Through Marriage

It takes somehow complicated rules to get an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to achieve that. Get to know several information about the immigration green card procedure will help your way and receive the best way.

If you come into the United States on a K-1 fiancé visa or a K-3 passport, the process will definitely take several years and, once you decide to start through a lawyer, may result in duplicating costs and forms. If a legal professional is to be used, it is advised to do so before coming with these kinds of visas.

The most direct method to permanent residence and citizenship is obtained in case the marriage occurs in the United States, and all of the forms is filed in this state, also. The nonnative people need to live in the country and fill all the agreements to receive their goal.

The Obligation to Attain Green Card

Numerous procedures have to be taken to obtain immigration green card with a marriage. The person have to give the documents of a marriage certificate and divorce document if any, an official vise request from immigration and proof of the native partner. All of these papers have to be properly authorized and translated into English. After that, agreement regarding work permits, travel parole need to be completed first before the couple acquired U.S citizenship. For the registering rates, you need to prepare money more than one-thousand bucks. Legitimate document from nonnative loved one is strongly need to be registered.

As soon as the primary document is filed, one will be asked for fingerprint process. It needs a couple of months until the couples being called for an interview. You should not tell lies in this step. Calm down and respond to all the questions according to everything you know regarding your spouse. If the petitioner doesn’t know the answer it is alright to say it. At the interview, dress properly and be polite to the interviewer.


The interviewer sees dissimilarities in race, religion, or age as the aspects for the couples telling the fact or not. Be ready for a strong interview in case there are big difference answers. If the woman is much older than the husband, this is especially identifiable as an issue. The partners will feel bothersome but it is very essential for the procedure.

In case a problem is suspected while in the first interview, another interview will be scheduled privately. If the interviewer is still not able to get the proper answers, applicant will be imposed in a criminal punishment and was made to confess crimes of fraud.

Obtain a reputable lawyer and do not tell any lies statements in going through the activity are the great steps to obtain your target to obtain the green card.

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