Receiving Immigration green card By way of Marriage

It takes somehow complex procedures to have an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to get it. You need to obtain a number of knowledge to understand all the specifications required to acquire the green card.

Once you come to USA with a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 passport then it normally requires several years waiting or you can use an attorney but it will cause you invest much more money. I think you have to discuss with the legal professional before moving into the states.

The best path to be a permanent USA resident is to get married and complete the civil documents there. People who would like to be the permanent resident have to complete all the documents and remain in the United States until they have the status.

The Requirement to Acquire Green Card

Numerous process must be obeyed to acquire immigration green card through a marriage. The applicant need to submit the documents of a marriage certificate and divorce paper if any, a formal vise request from immigration and proof of the native partner. Each of files must be certifiable and created in English. When all had been submitted, for the work license and travel parole need to be submitted too before the applicant will be acknowledged as a permanent resident in the United States. For the processing costs, you need to prepare money at least one-thousand dollars. Next is to submit an authorized document from the foreign-born partner.

After the initial paper is submitted, one will be scheduled for fingerprint process. A few months will most likely go by until an interview is organized for the two spouses. Telling the fact is crucial in this process. Relax and reply all the questions based on everything you know regarding your partner. It would better to honestly say that one doesn’t know the answer. At the interview, dress adequately and be polite to the interviewer.

The Test Procedure

The interviewer sees issues in race, faith, or age as the factors for the partners telling the truth or not. Prepare yourself for a tough interview if there are big difference backgrounds. The interviewer will take a deep thought if the wife is aged than the husband. The partners will feel bothersome but it is very vital for the procedure.

There will be next interview individually if the interviewer feels something strange with the husband and wife. If the interviewer is still not able to obtain the right answers, applicant will be imposed in a criminal case and was forced to admit crimes of fraud.

Get a trusted legal representative and never tell any lies statements in going through the activity are the great steps to attain your target to get the green card.

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