Performing Marriage In Order to Get Green Card

For getting an immigration green card, you should take several years process due to the fact that there are many things that should be obeyed even if you had been married. You should obtain some knowledge to find out all the specifications required to obtain the green card.

Using a K-1 fiancé visa or a K-3 visa going into United States will take a longer process, while hiring a lawyer is very costly. Legal professional is a good way to discuss about this issue, so it will much better for you to acquire an immigration immigration green card compared to entering into the Usa with these kind of visas.

The fastest way to be given as a fully permanent resident of USA is to get marriage and fill all the paperworks there. The nonnative spouse must submit all of their documents and not leave the United States until there is an adjustment of status.

Steps for Having a Green Card

There are a number of documents that need to be filed in order to attain an immigration immigration green card with marriage. These contain the immigration visa petition, proof of US citizenship from husband or wife, a marriage document, and proof of termination of any former marriages. All of these papers should be properly authorized and translated into English. After that, agreement relating work permits, trip parole should be completed first before the couple got United States citizenship. For the processing rates, you should prepare money over one-thousand bucks. Legitimate document from nonnative spouse is strongly need to be registered.

When all of the documents have been provided, the individual have to do the next step for fingerprinting. A couple of weeks will probably go by until an interview is organized for the two spouses. Telling the truth is vital in this interview. Response all the questions truthfully and don’t make up any fake statements. If the spouse doesn’t know the answer it is alright to admit it. Always dress adequately for the interview and be polite to the interviewer.

The Evaluation Process

The interviewer will be looking for dissimilarities in race, faith, or age as points that may signal a fraudulent purpose. The partners should be ready if the interview indicates insufficient simmilarity. If the wife is much older than the man, this is particularly identifiable as a concern. This point will annoy the interviewees, but the interviewer has right to seek something more personal.

There will be following interview personally in case the interviewer feels something weird with the couples. If the interviewer is still unable to have the relevant answers, applicant will be imposed in a criminal punishment and was pushed to confess crimes of fraud.

Keep to the whole process, give the truthful story of you and use a professional legal representative are the most things you can do to acquire the green card.


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