Obtaining Immigration green card With Marriage

For getting an immigration green card, you have to take several years process since there are many things that must be followed although you had been married. You need to acquire a number of data to understand all the conditions required to obtain the green card.

With a K-1 fiancé visa or a K-3 visa entering United States will cause a longer procedure, while using an attorney is very costly. Lawyer is a good way to talk about this difficulty, so it will much better for you to receive an immigration immigration green card instead of coming into the Usa with these kind of visas.

The fastest method to be approved as a fully permanent resident of USA is to get marriage and complete all the legal documents there. The nonnative people need to stay in the country and fill all the documents to obtain what they wanted.

The Requirement to Gain Green Card

There are several paperworks that need to be filed if you want to obtain an immigration immigration green card with marriage. The applicant have to give the forms of a marriage certificate and divorce certificate if any, an official vise request from immigration and proof of the U.S citizen husband or wife. All of the information presented have to be genuine, approved and translated in English language. Once all had been submitted, for the work license and travel parole need to be submitted also before the foreign born couple will be accepted as a permanent resident in the United States. For the registering prices, you have to prepare money above one-thousand dollars. After that is to submit an formal letter from the foreign-born loved one.

After all of the information have been registered, the individual need to come for fingerprinting. It needs a few weeks until the spouses being invited for an interview. At the interview, it is necessary to be truthful. Reply all the questions honestly and never make up any unreliable statements. If the applicant doesn’t know the answer it is okay to confess it. At the interview, dress correctly and be nicely with the interviewer.

The Interviewing Procedure

Differences in race, faith, or age will be asked by the interviewer to determine if the partners have a fraudulent purpose. Get ready for a tough interview if there are huge difference responses. The interviewer will take a deep concern if the wife is more mature than the man. It perhaps annoying, but it is legal for the interviewer to look into this information.

There will be second interview privately if the interviewer feels something abnormal with the partners. If the answers still not connected, the petitioner will be charged with criminal punishments and will be forced to admit their deceptive actions.

Remain focussed on the whole procedure, give the real statement and use a credible lawyer are the most things you can do so you can get the green card.

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