Learn how to Acquire an immigration immigration green card With Marriage

It takes somehow tough rules to get an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to gain it. Knowing some of the main steps and some of the trade-offs can help to determine which is the best steps to take to get this target.

With a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 passport moving into United States will cause a much longer procedure, while hiring a lawyer is very costly. Attorney is a good way to consult about this issue, so it will be better for you to receive an immigration immigration green card compared to entering the states with these types of visas.

The quickest way to permanent residence and citizenship is attained in case the marriage occurs in the United States, and all of the documents is filed in this country, as well. The nonnative people need to stay in the country and complete all the paperworks to receive their objective.

Requirements to Acquire Green Card

Numerous process must be obeyed to achieve immigration green card through a marriage. The processes are visa petition from immigration, proof from the loved one who is real US resident, a marriage credential and as well a document if perhaps there was a divorce. All of these papers should be properly approved and translated into English. After all had been submitted, for the work license and travel parole should be submitted too before the foreign born couple will be acknowledged as a permanent citizen in the USA. Filing costs run at present over one-thousand dollars. Next is to submit an formal document from the foreign-born partner.

Once all of the data have been registered, the applicant need to do the next step for fingerprinting. The couple need to wait a couple of weeks to make an interview. Telling the truth is necessary in this interview. Answer all the questions honestly and never make up any unreliable stories. I suggest you to honestly say that one doesn’t know the answer. Try to dress appropriately for the process and show respect to the interviewer.

The Evaluation Procedure

Differences in race, religion, or age will be used by the interviewer to identify in case the partners have a fraudulent purpose. Prepare yourself for a strong interview if there are huge difference responses. The interviewer will take a deep consideration if the wife is older than the husband. It may be bothersome, however it is legal for the interviewer to focus on this fact.

There will be following interview personally in case the interviewer feels something abnormal with the couples. If the interviewer is still unable to get the relevant answers, applicant will be charged in a criminal punishment and was forced to confess crimes of fraud.

Use a reputable attorney and do not lie in going through the activity are the awesome ways to reach your purpose to receive the green card.

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