Find out how to Get an immigration immigration green card Via Marriage

It takes somehow complex steps to have an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to achieve that. You need to look for a number of info to know all the conditions needed to obtain the green card.

In case you come to USA with a K-1 fiancé visa or a K-3 passport then it will take several years waiting or you may use an attorney but it will cause you pay a good amount of money. If a lawyer is to be used, it is highly recommended to do so before moving with these types of visas.

The most common method to be given as a fully permanent citizen of USA is to get marriage and fill all the legal documents there. The foreign born husband or wife have to submit all of their forms and not leave the place until there is a change of status.

The Requirement to Gain Green Card

With a marriage, there are several things that need to be completed to acquire the green card. The applicant need to submit the forms of a marriage certificate and divorce document if any, an official vise request from immigration and proof of the native husband or wife. Each of the data presented have to be legitimate, certified and created in English language. After all had been submitted, for the work license and trip parole need to be submitted as well before the applicant will be accepted as a permanent citizen in the U.S. Filing costs run recently more than one-thousand dollars. There must be an affidavit of support submitted on behalf of the foreign-born spouse.

Soon after all of the main procedures completed, then the person should perform a fingerprint. It needs a few weeks until the spouses being invited for an interview. You should not tell lies in this step. No detail has to be volunteered. Only respond to the questions as they are asked. Never speculate at a reply. It is better to honestly confess if one doesn’t know the answer. At the interview, dress properly and be well-mannered towards the interviewer.

The Evaluation Procedure

The interviewer sees dissimilarities in race, faith, or age as the aspects for the couples telling the fact or not. If there is a legitimate dissimilarities, be prepared to give an explanation about it at the interview. If the wife is much older compared to the man, this is especially identifiable as a problem. This issue will irritate the interviewees, however the interviewer has right to seek something more personal.

The interviewer will arrange another interview personally when the answers didn’t match well. If the interviewer is still not able to obtain the relevant answers, applicant will be imposed in a criminal case and was forced to confess crimes of fraud.

Hire a reliable lawyer and do not tell any lies statements in going through the activity are the most effective methods to obtain your goal to receive the green card.

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