Females Have Lesser Concentration than Males When Driving

A study was made by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety concerning teenager driving and their own habits. The research was called Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. The study goes like this; teenager drivers will be monitored through a video recorder inside their automobile and with this, the cause of potential mishaps will be determined. Automobile accidents are identified to be the top cause of teenager deaths today.

AAA learned that adolescent drivers get involved on distracting actions. Some activities include putting on cosmetics, cell phone utilization, and text messages. Drivers also do a distracting habit in which they frequently reach for items in the vehicle.

The study identified the point that using electronic devices distracts a teenage motorist than any other thing. It was found that 70% of all motorists drive while utilizing electronics. This was even higher among older teen drivers.

Gender was a big factor since this study revealed that women in their teens make use of electronic devices, such as cellular phones, double the amount of time than their male partners. Female teen drivers also engaged in other distracted behaviors, such as grabbing items and eating and drinking, significantly more compared to male teenage drivers.

What was especially interesting was the finding that whenever parents or adults were in the vehicle, distracting behavior among the teens decreased. If their passengers are fellow teens, their distracting behaviors return. In case the passengers are teens, distracting activities increase since no authority figure enforce any limitations.

The outcome of the study doesn’t come as a shock. A lot of accidents take place due to these distracting activities. We commend individuals who advocate safe driving and avoid distracting driving habits in South Florida. These people include educators as well as law makers of the state. Nevertheless, there’s more which should be done to ensure safety for all on the road. Injury lawyer

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