Female Teenage Motorists are More Susceptible to Distraction than Males

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety facilitates an in-car video research to the practices of teen drivers that is known as the Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. Revealed in this blog, the prevalent cause of adolescent demise are automobile accidents. For that reason, investigators made an investigation to ascertain what caused these drivers to meet a car accident.

AAA discovered that distracting activities are significant among all teenage motorists. These activities include usage of wireless telephones, texting, makeup application and other grooming routines. Motorists also do a distracting habit in which they frequently grab an item in the automobile.

One of the main disruptions of teen drivers while driving a car is their gadgets. Nearly a quarter percentage of teens violate this tight driving process. But not only that, lots of older teenagers were also doing this on their own.

Research found that gender also plays a role in this for women have greater inclinations to use electronic devices like mobile phones in comparison with males. As compared to male teen drivers, female teen drivers do annoying behaviors while driving like drinking, eating as well as grabbing items more often.

It was discovered however, that teenagers act appropriately while driving a car when accompanied by older people such as their mother and father. The distracting actions they carry out lessen due to the presence of an adult. However, less distracting activities are done in the presence of an adult but much more of it whenever with individuals of the same age group.

This research is not a surprise as distracted driving accidents rise in number. Our office provides high regard to educators, lawmakers and folks who are involved in decreasing distracted driving behaviors on the roads of South Florida. Consequently, there are still a lot of things that must be executed in protecting drivers, pedestrians as well as passengers.

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