Female Teenage Motorists are More Prone to Distraction than Males

How adolescents behave behind the wheel is the subject of a study created by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Aptly referred to as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. The research goes like this; teenager drivers will be checked through a video recorder inside their vehicle and with this, the cause of potential accidents will be figured out. Car accidents are the major reason why there is a growing death among young individuals.

The behavior of teenager drivers while driving on the very busy highways is what exactly AAA determined through this study. These activities take away their attention to driving. Texting while driving a vehicle and applying makeup are some of the typical elements that bring about distraction. It has also been discovered that teen drivers try to reach things in other parts of the vehicle.

The research determined that the biggest distraction for all teenage drivers was the use of electronics. It was surprising to know that electronics are utilized by 70% of the motorists while travelling. This was even greater among older adolescent motorists.

The study also implies that gender was yet another factor because it was found that between the two genders, it is the teenage females who take more time on making use of gadgets like cellular phone in comparison with males. When compared to male teen drivers, female teen drivers do annoying behaviors while driving like drinking, eating as well as reaching for items more frequently.

It was discovered however, that teens behave appropriately while driving when accompanied by seniors like their mother and father. The distracting actions they do whenever they are alone lessens because of the presence of an adult. An adult who comes with them plays a big influential difference with regards to teenagers driving very carefully compared to someone of similar age group.

Given that accidents brought on by distracted driving increase made this a not surprising research. Our office highly appreciates the endeavors of law makers as well as educators in minimizing South Florida’s distracted driving behavior. Nevertheless, more has to be carried out to protect drivers, passengers and also pedestrians.

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