Female Teen Drivers Are Definitely More Vulnerable to Distraction as compared with Their Male Counterparts

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety facilitates an in-car video research to the practices of adolescent drivers that is called the Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. As what you have read in this blog before, the main reason why a lot of teens are killed is because of auto accidents. Thus, a comprehensive evaluation is performed to recognize the actual actions done by these motorists that put their whole safety at danger.

AAA found out in this study how teenagers act while they are driving a vehicle on the highway. With the unnecessary activities they conduct whilst driving, they usually lose focus on the road. These unnecessary activities include texting and calling, putting cosmetics on their faces, and a number of other things. Sometimes, they even attempt to get some thing on the other side of the car even though it is very difficult to get.

Employing electronic items was also figured out to be the main distraction of teenagers while driving a vehicle. It is confirmed that this big mistake is committed by about 70% of teen drivers. In addition to that, older teens also make similar mistake.

It has been a tested fact the teenage females use electronic devices more than guys. Moreover, female teenagers act much more badly while driving compared to guys. The activities they do include eating, drinking and getting other items. This just demonstrates that gender impacts such.

Interestingly, these distracting behaviors are lessened if they are accompanied by parents or other adults. Distracting behaviors increase if they’re just accompanied by other teenagers. In case the passengers are teens, distracting activities increase because no authority figure impose any limitations.

You shouldn’t be surprised regarding the results of this study. An increase in car accidents is generally attributed to drivers who are out of focus. We take our hats off to those in South Florida who’re pushing to spread awareness with regards to the dangers of distracting habits. These people include educators and also law makes who live in the state. However, there is more that must be done to assure safety for everybody on the road.


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