Female Adolescent Drivers More Distracted than Males

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety facilitates an in-car video research to the practices of teen motorists that is referred to as the Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. As previously said in this webpage, auto collisions is the leading killer among adolescents. For that reason, investigation was held so as to pinpoint just what actions these drivers do that puts them at risk.

AAA found that distracting activities are critical among all teen motorists. These actions include utilization of mobile phones, texting, makeup application and other grooming habits. Another distracting practice among the drivers was reaching for things in and about the car.

Results of the investigation concluded that the utilization of electronics tremendously increases the distraction among teen drivers. 70% of all motorists are inclined to utilize electronic devices while driving. This percentage even increase on older teen drivers.

It has been a confirmed reality the teenage females utilize electronic gadgets greater than guys. Additionally, female teenagers act much more terribly while driving compared to males. Drinking, reaching for things as well as eating are only samples of the activities they perform while driving a vehicle that distracts them. This imply that gender plays an extremely important role in this issue.

It was discovered however, that teens act appropriately while driving when accompanied by older people like their mom and dad. An adult’s presence play a significant role when it comes to teenagers driving more diligently. An adult who comes with them plays a big influential difference when it comes to teenagers driving carefully compared to someone of the same age group.

It’s not astonishing to find out the result of the study. Distracted driving certainly is the usual factors that cause increased car accidents. We commend those who advocate safe driving and steer clear of distracting driving habits in South Florida. These would include the law makers as well as educators of the said state. Nonetheless one has to admit the truth that it’s still a long way to make sure that those drivers, passengers and also pedestrians are safe when they are in the road.

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