Easy methods to Receive an immigration immigration green card Through Marriage

It takes somehow challenging procedures to get an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to achieve that. You should look for some knowledge to learn all the requirements needed to acquire the green card.

Using a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 passport going into United States will cause a longer process, while choosing a legal professional is quite expensive. If a legal professional is to be employed, it is highly recommended to do so before entering with these types of visas.

The best way to be a permanent USA citizen is to get married and fill the civil documents there. The nonnative people need to stay in the country and fill all the agreements to receive the green card.

Requirements for Applying Green Card

Several process must be obeyed to achieve immigration green card through a marriage. These contain the immigration visa petition, data of US citizenship from one spouse, a marriage document, and proof of termination of any old marriages. Each of the facts provided should be legitimate, certified and created in English language. In addition, the documents for adjustment of status need to be filed, the application for a work permit, and the document for advance parole trip if the husband or wife is admissible to the United States. For the procedure costs, you have to prepare money at least one-thousand dollars. Authorized document from nonnative husband or wife is strongly have to be filed.

After all of the required procedures completed, then the applicant need to do a fingerprint. It needs a couple of weeks until the husband and wife being invited for an interview. At the interview, it is vital to be truthful. Response all the questions honestly and you should never make up any fake statements. It would better to truthfully say if one doesn’t know the answer. Dress well when coming to the interview and speak politely to the interviewer.

The Evaluation Procedure

The interviewer considers dissimilarities in race, religion, or age as the elements for the husband and wife telling the fact or not. Prepare yourself for a tough interview in case there are huge difference responses. If the wife is much older compared to the husband, this is particularly identifiable as a concern. It may be bothersome, however it is legal for the interviewer to give attention to this fact.

There will be 2nd interview one-by-one in case the interviewer feels something weird with the couples. In this case, in case the answers do not match, the petitioner may be subject to criminal consequence and forced to admit to fake motive.

Stick to the whole procedure, tell the honest explanation and choose a trusted lawyer are the most things you can do in order to get the green card.

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