Easy methods to Get an immigration immigration green card Via Marriage

It takes somehow complicated rules to obtain an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to reach that goal. Learning some of the primary rules and some of the trade-offs can help to find out which is the most effective path to take to obtain this purpose.

In case you enter the United States on a K-1 fiancé visa or a K-3 visa, the procedure probably will take several years and, if you choose to begin through an attorney, may result in duplicating fees and documents. It’s better to discuss with the lawyer before entering the USA.

The quickest way to be given as a fully permanent resident of USA is to get marriage and fill all the legal documents there. People who expects to be the permanent resident must complete all the agreements and stay in the United States until they receive the status.

The Requirement to Acquire Green Card

There are several paperworks that have to be filed so that you can obtain an immigration immigration green card through marriage. These consist of the immigration visa petition, proof of US citizenship from one spouse, a marriage document, and proof of termination of any old marriages. Each of the facts given must be real, approved and created in English language. If all had been submitted, for the work permit and trip parole need to be submitted also before the applicant will be acknowledged as a permanent resident in the USA. You need to shell out at least one-thousand dollars for the processing prices. There should be an affidavit of support submitted on behalf of the foreign-born loved one.

If all of the documents have been submitted, the person should go for fingerprinting. It requires several weeks until the couples being invited for an interview. Never tell lies in this process. Take it easy and answer all the questions based on everything you know about your loved one. The applicant can go to the following question if doesn’t know the answer. Dress well when coming to the interview and speak pleasantly to the interviewer.


Dissimilarities in race, religion, or age will be utilized by the interviewer to figure out in case the husband and wife have a dishonest motive. Get ready for a tough interview if there are big difference facts. If the wife is much older compared to the husband, this is particularly identifiable as a concern. It is indeed annoying, yet it is legal for the interviewer to consider this fact.

There will be following interview separately if the interviewer feels something unusual with the spouses. If the interviewer is still not able to have the right answers, petitioner will be imposed in a criminal punishment and was made to confess crimes of fraud.

Use a good attorney and never tell untruth statements in dealing with the activity are the great methods to achieve your goal to have the green card.

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