Distractions Greatly Affect Female Teen Drivers than Males

How teenagers behave behind the wheel is the subject of a study made by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. It was called as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. The study goes like this; teen drivers will be monitored through a video recorder inside their car or truck and with this, the reason for possible accidents will be figured out. Vehicle accidents are discovered to be the leading cause of teenager demise nowadays.

The AAA was able to view teenager activities when driving throughout study. Their attention to driving a car is lost because of these distracting activities. These unneeded activities include texting and calling, putting makeup on their faces, and some other items. Additionally, fiddling a whole lot while driving a car is also one of the main causes.

Employing electronic items was also identified to be the primary distraction of teenagers whilst driving a vehicle. Facts reveal that the percentage of teenage drivers who made this serious driving mistake is 70%. Surprisingly, even older teens are responsible of this action.

It was determined that female teen drivers are more likely to make use of electronics than their male counterparts. Furthermore, females do more activities that keep them diverted as compared to males. Drinking, reaching for things as well as eating are just examples of the activities they carry out while driving a vehicle that distracts them. Hence, a primary contributing factor is gender.

Annoying behaviors are significantly lowered when their parents is their passenger, which is a quite interesting finding in this research. In case their passengers are fellow teenagers, their distracting behaviors return. They are not scared to perform annoying activities if only their friends are in the vehicle with them.

It is not surprising to learn the result of the study. Distracted driving certainly is the usual factors that cause increased car mishaps. We take our hats off to individuals in South Florida who’re pushing to spread awareness with regards to the risks of distracting habits. The shakers and also movers behind this initiative include professors and also state lawmakers. Nevertheless, there’s still quite a distance to go when it comes to enhancing safety on the road and also enacting the drivers to drive securely. Injury lawyer

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