Distractions Greatly Affect Female Adolescent Motorists than Males

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety facilitates an in-car video investigation to the habits of adolescent drivers that is called the Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. According to this website, the top killer among adolescents are automobile accidents. Consequently, an intensive evaluation is performed to find out the exact activities done by these drivers that put their whole safety at high risk.

According to AAA, distracting actions are commonly performed by the most of teen drivers. Such activities that give higher levels of distraction are text messaging, grooming habits, cellular phones and makeup application. Drivers also do a distracting habit in which they frequently grab items in the car.

Another huge reason why teens get out of focus while driving a car is the use of electronic devices. 7 out of 10 teens make this huge driving mistake. But not just that, many older teens were also doing this on their own.

It has also been viewed that teenage girls utilize gadgets over men. Additionally, females are so preoccupied with other items that distract them in comparison to males. Drinking, reaching for things as well as eating are only examples of the activities they do while driving that distracts them. It is discovered that gender plays a big role.

Distracting behaviors are significantly decreased whenever their parents is their passenger, which is a quite interesting finding in this research. Whilst the opposite was true when passengers were teenagers. They aren’t scared to perform distracting activities only if their friends are in the vehicle along with them.

This research is not a surprise as distracted driving accidents rise in number. Our office provides high regard to educators, lawmakers and folks who are involved in cutting down distracted driving behaviors on the highway of South Florida. Nonetheless, there is much more to achieve in protecting passengers, drivers, and pedestrians.


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