Distraction is more Common among Female Teen Drivers compared to Men

A research was done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety with regards to teenager driving and their own practices. Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver is the name of the study. This research revolves around the behaviors of teens as they drive and exactly how they become involved in automobile accidents by having a video camera installed in their automobiles to monitor their every move. Vehicle accidents are the very known cause of death amongst teens today.

According to AAA, distracting actions are commonly performed by the majority of adolescent motorists. Some activities include applying cosmetics, cell phone utilization, and text messages. Reaching for stuffs in the vehicle is also identified as a distracting habit engaged in by the motorists.

Among these disturbances, using electronic devices mainly contribute to teenage drivers’ distraction. The shocking thing is that 70% of the total number of drivers make use of an electronic device. This count reaches a higher number with older adolescent motorists.

It was determined that female teen drivers are more likely to use electronics as compared to their male counterparts. Moreover, female teens often get more easily out of focus whilst driving compared to men. Such distractive activities include reaching for stuff, eating and drinking. This merely signifies that gender does play a huge factor.

It was also found out that teenagers have a tendency to decrease distracting behaviors when parents or some other adults will accompany them while driving. In the presence of their peers, they feel that they have more freedom to pick what they really want such as annoying behaviors. They don’t feel any limitations having their peers as passengers that’s the reason why their distracting behaviors increased.

This study is not surprising as the number of accidents due to distracted driving is rising. Our office applauds the efforts of educators and law makers alike who’ve made efforts to decrease distracted driving habits on the streets of South Florida. Consequently, there are still many things that must be executed in safeguarding drivers, pedestrians and passengers.

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