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Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

Being charged with a crime is no laughing matter. Your liberty is at stake. It is important that you fight the charges against you. If you do not fight the charges, you will be convicted. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer to fight your case can mean the difference between conviction and having the charges against you dropped.

A criminal conviction has serious consequences. Depending on the charges, conviction can result in a prison sentence. Life in prison is not easy. Your movements will be limited. Besides having to spend time in a prison, you may be ordered to pay fines. The fines can run in to thousands of dollars. It will be a costly mistake to not hire a criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges against you. read more

Modifying a Criminal Sentence

Even though you has been convicted and sent to jail or sentenced, it does not mean that the sentence is final. The court has the power to modify your sentence even if you have not filed appeal.

The exact rules for modifying a sentence vary from state to state. Generally in most states, a court can modify a sentence if:

  • There is      an error in the imposed sentence
  • You assist      the state/prosecution in another criminal case while in prison or while serving      the sentence

In certain circumstances, courts can also consider reducing the sentence based on your age.

When there is a clear error in the sentence, the court can modify the sentence. For example when the judge sentences you to 5 years in prison but in the written order the judge erroneously writes 8 years, the judge can correct the sentence. But this correction must be carried out within certain number of days. The exact number of days is determined by state law. The judge can correct the error on his own or when you or your lawyer brings it to his notice. read more