A Serious Car Accident Can Get You Bankrupt

Being in a serious car accident can be shattering, as it does not only cause physical injuries and car wreckage, but also a huge sum of medical expenses. This can be further aggravated if the other party who hit you does not have a proper and good insurance to cover for the accident. In this situation, you may just end up to be the one paying a hefty amount of medical expenses. In addition to that, if the other party at fault is bearing a state minimum liability limits, you will be shouldering more of the bills than expected.

Among all the other kinds of accidents, car accidents are the most pricey in terms of medical expenses. These medical expenses may go up to about $500,000 depending on the case or severity of the damage and injuries and if the party at fault is bearing a state minimum, they can shell off anything as low as about $25,000 only, leaving the victim to pay for the rest of their medical bills. This is not really good and putting all the elements in the picture – possible job loss, medical expenses, home expenses, other bills, and more – the victim of a serious car accident may just end up filing a bankruptcy.

To avoid bankruptcy you may do well getting around some good options to help you shoulder the medical bills. These options are through uninsured / underinsured motorist bodily injury and medical payments coverage and by seeking legal assistance.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury and Medical Payments Coverage

Regrettably, if the other party at fault is carrying a state minimum liability limit, there is little to no way you can ask for a bigger payment. However, even if that is the case, you still have two options left so that you will not be shouldering the bulk of the medical expenses all by yourself. Your first step away from bankruptcy, you can contact your own car insurance provider especially if you are bearing an uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury and medical payments coverage. This is seen as the easier option in car accident cases. It will be able to pick up where the other party’s limit left off and work up to your own coverage limit. Keep in mind that though you have health insurance to cover for you, you will still need to rely on your car insurance coverage, as there are some health insurance providers who do not pay for injuries, which are related to a car accident.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Another option for you to take to ensure that you will not be filing a bankruptcy case is by seeking legal assistance. You can make sure that your medical bills are covered by going to court and seeking medical assistance. This option can also be done once you have made use of the liability coverage of the other party at fault as well as your very own coverage limit. It would be better to ask help from attorneys who are specializing in car accident cases or those who have plenty of experience in the said case.

Getting tangled into a serious car accident can cause a lot of harm and damage not only to the persons involved directly, but also their financial savings. If unattended immediately, it may even lead to the dreaded bankruptcy where recovery will not be as easy. car accident lawyers


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