A Research which Reveals Teenage Women are more Distracted Drivers when compared with Males

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety facilitates an in-car video study to the practices of teen drivers that is known as the Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. As formerly said in this blog, automobile accidents is the leading killer among adolescents. Hence, an in depth investigation is implemented to ascertain the actions that these drivers engage that risks their lives.

The AAA was able to view teen activities behind the wheel during the course of study. These activities take away their focus on driving a car. They keep themselves busy while driving a car with unneeded things such as texting, calling as well as make-up application. In addition, fiddling a lot whilst driving is also one of the primary causes.

It is incontrovertible that several of the gadgets owned by teens are considered to be one of their own interruptions whilst they are driving. Almost a quarter percentage of teens violate this strict driving process. In addition to that, older teenagers also commit the same mistake.

It has been a confirmed truth the teen females make use of electronic gadgets more than guys. Furthermore, girls are so preoccupied with other stuff that distract them in comparison to males. The causes of distraction are not focusing on the road since they reach for stuff in their cars, eating, and drinking. Hence, a major contributing aspect is gender.

What was especially interesting was the finding that whenever parents or adults were in the vehicle, distracting behavior among the teens decreased. In the presence of their peers, they feel that they have more freedom to pick what they really want including distracting behaviors. They’re not scared to perform annoying activities if only their friends are in the vehicle along with them.

Considering the fact that accidents brought on by distracted driving increase made this a not shocking research. Our office look up to the hard works done by educators and law makers alike on decreasing the number of distracted driving habits in South Florida. However, more should be done to protect drivers, passengers and also pedestrians. accident law firm

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