A Research that Reveals Teenage Women are usually more Distracted Drivers as compared to Males

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety facilitates an in-car video study to the habits of teen drivers that is referred to as the Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. According to this weblog, the top killer among teenagers are automobile accidents. Therefore, an investigation was made in order to ascertain the driver’s actions while in their automobile that placed their lives in peril.

The AAA found that most teen drivers engage on distracting activities. These actions include use of wireless telephones, texting, makeup application and other grooming routines. Reaching for stuffs in the automobile is also identified as a distracting behavior engaged in by the motorists.

The study also discovered that the use of electronic devices is the greatest distraction for many adolescent motorists. It was discovered that 70% of all motorists drive while using electronic devices. This number appreciably increase on older teen motorists.

Female teens utilize much more gadgets compared to men. In addition, female teens behave much more badly while driving a vehicle compared to men. Such distractive actions include reaching for stuff, eating and drinking. This only shows that gender impacts such.

Yet another interesting finding of this study is that when parents or some other adults are inside the vehicle, teens tend to decrease their annoying behaviors. Nevertheless, it’s the exact opposite when it’s just their peers which are accompanying them. They don’t feel any restrictions having their peers as passengers that’s the reason why their distracting behaviors increased.

It is not astonishing to know the result of the research. Accidents that happened due to distracted driving have increased. We appreciate those who’re looking for ways to ensure distracted driving habits down the roads of South Florida are minimized if not eliminated. These folks include educators and law makers of the state. However, it is going to still take lots of education and discipline before every driver, passenger and also pedestrian is safe on the road.

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