A Research that Reveals Teenage Women are more Distracted Drivers in comparison with Males

A research was performed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety relating to teen driving and their practices. It was referred to as as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. What precisely the study focuses on is exactly how teenagers behave while driving and what precisely the typical reasons for accidents are by having a video camera mounted in their automobiles. Car accidents are the major reason why there is a growing death among young individuals.

The AAA was able to observe teen activities behind the wheel during the course of research. Their attention to driving a vehicle is lost because of these distracting routines. These unnecessary activities include texting and calling, putting makeup on their faces, and some other items. It has also been found that teen drivers try to reach stuffs in other parts of the car.

Another huge reason why teens get out of concentration whilst driving a car is the use of gadgets. 70% of all teenage drivers were found accountable of doing this huge driving mistake. Nevertheless, this matter is also relevant to old teens.

Another huge factor is gender simply because this research found that teenage females are definitely more frequently employing electronics like cell phones in comparison with teen males. Drinking, eating and grabbing items are distracting behaviors which were found being engaged more by female teen drivers extensively more than male teenage drivers.

Distracting behaviors are significantly lowered when their parents is their passenger, which is a very interesting finding in this study. Nevertheless, it is the exact opposite when it’s just their peers that are accompanying them. They don’t feel any limitations having their peers as passengers that’s the reason why their distracting behaviors increased.

Considering that accidents caused by distracted driving increase made this a not shocking research. Our office congratulates all of the efforts of lawmakers, educators and people who help reduce distracted driving behaviors in South Florida’s streets. Therefore, there are still many things that must be executed in safeguarding drivers, pedestrians and also passengers. Injury


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