A Research that Reveals Teenage Women are certainly more Distracted Drivers than Males

A study was made by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety with regards to teenager driving and their own habits. The research was entitled Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. This study involves placing a video in the vehicle of young adults which captured what exactly they do whenever they drive and then trying to figure out what really causes them to place their life in danger. As it was previously shown in this blod that the primary cause of death among the kids nowadays is auto accidents.

The behavior of teen drivers while driving on the very busy streets is what AAA figured out through this research. With the unnecessary activities they conduct while driving, they often lose concentration on the street. These types of distraction involves the continuous use of cell phones and looking often in the mirror to apply make up among other stuff. It has also been found that teenager drivers try to reach things in other areas of the automobile.

One of the primary distractions of teenager drivers while driving a car is their electronic devices. 70% of all teen drivers were identified accountable of committing this big driving mistake. On top of that, even older teens were also carrying this out.

It was found out that female teen drivers are more inclined to use electronics as compared to their male counterparts. In addition, females perform more activities that keep them sidetracked compared to males. The reasons for distraction are not concentrating on the road as they reach for things in their automobiles, eating, and drinking. This merely demonstrates that gender does play a great factor.

Parents who ride along with their children is a major influence that makes teenagers drive much more properly. The distracting actions they do lessen due to the presence of an adult. An adult who comes with them plays a major influential difference when it comes to teens driving carefully compared to somebody of the same age group.

The results uncovered from the study is no longer a surprise. Accidents that occurred due to distracted driving have increased. We would like to give a round of applause to individuals who’re providing their very best to at least reduce distracted driving habits on South Florida. Academicians and also state lawmakers usually make up this group of people. Nonetheless, there is still a long way to go with regards to enhancing safety on the road as well as enacting the drivers to drive safely and securely. accident

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