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Business VisasAttorney Zeb Ogueri – Zeribe Law Offices reviews visas: Work is commonly the reason why foreign individuals visit the United States. Attorney Zeb Ogueri. If you are a director or a shareholder of a US corporation,  you will not be required to show any type business visas.  However, if you will be working for a US corporation as an officer who performs duties, you need to acquire an appropriate type of visa. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to work. If you are hired and you work without the proper visa, your company will be fined for violating the law, which requires not hiring illegal alien. Moreover, you will be deported and you may never have the opportunity to return. read more

Interesting List of Personal Injuries

Interesting List of Personal Injuries

1 Practice travelling with ample time in your hands.

When you don’t have enough time when going in a specific destination, you will likely tend to drive faster than usual. It is a dangerous thing to do, particularly during the night. You need to always set sufficient time for driving when going out. Try to estimate any delays, which might happen and adhere to the time that you will set for driving therefore you might not require to cover for time missed by driving too fast. You may avoid personal injury from car accidents and reach your destination on time when you practice this. read more

Bringing Family Members to The USA

A US citizen or green card holder can bring their family members to the United States. Consult with an experienced immigration attorneydeportation lawyer or law firm if you are a US citizen or a green card holder and you have family members who are nationals of other countries and you want to bring them to the United States.

If you want to bring them to the United States for a short time, then they can visit the United States on a visitor visa which will allow them to stay with you for the validity of the visa assuming you are not in deportation proceedings or removal proceedings. However they cannot work or go to school on a visitor visa since that might Also they will have to leave the United   States when the visa expires. Generally a visitor visa is issued by US Embassies and Consulates abroad. Your family member must file the application along with the required documents to the US Embassy or Consulate. Your family member will be required to prove that he or she has sufficient funds to pay for his or her stay in the United States and is not deportable. You can provide a letter stating that you will be paying for the cost of your family member’s stay in the US. You will have to provide evidence of your financial ability to pay the cost. Consult with an experienced US immigration attorney or deportation lawyer . The attorney can review the circumstances and advise you and your foreign family member on the required documentation and the visa application process. read more

Find a Lawyer the New Way with Modern Technology

Trying to find a lawyer, lawyers or law firm does not have to be a headache.  Whether your legal issues  concern: personal injury, immigration, tax, criminal, divorce or family law, if you are facing loss of property or legal issues the first step in safeguarding your interests is your ability to find an attorney that you are comfortable with and confident in, and who will adequately protect your interests since attorneys do more than just merely offer legal information but also offer legal advice and apply sophisticated legal reasoning and training to help solve legal problems. Divorce lawyer Immigration lawyer. read more

Unemployment Law

Unemployment compensation is governed by state law. Each state has an agency responsible for unemployment compensation. Unemployment compensation was instituted in 1935 as part of the Social Security Act; however, unemployment insurance is not a totally federalized program inasmuch as each state is given the latitude, under general guidelines, to develop its own program. As a result, there is variation in the amounts actually paid to unemployed workers in different states. This benefit is funded almost entirely by the employer. Typically, the employer is taxed at least 6.2 percent of the first $7,000 earned by each employee (employees inAlaska,Alabama, andNew Jerseyare also taxed). Some states provide for a higher tax rate as well as a higher base earnings level. An experience rating, based on terminations that result in unemployment compensation claims, is also used in calculating the tax that must be paid by a specific employer. In some cases, the state tax rate may actually drop to zero if the employer has had no recent terminations resulting in claims for unemployment compensation. read more

Avoiding Probate

You should hire the services of an experienced estate planning attorney to avoid probate. Probate can be time consuming and costly. Estate planning attorney can help you draft a valid will and avoid probate. This can prove to be a big benefit for your heirs after your death. In the absence of a valid will, the state law will determine the share of each heir.

The legal title of your estate will pass to your beneficiaries only after it has been through probate. If you die leaving behind a will, the probate court must determine if your will is valid.  If you die intestate, i.e. without a will, then the probate court will determine the distribution of your estate according to the intestate laws of your state. The cost of probate is determined by state law. If your estate has to go through probate, then your family members will have to pay probate fees. However it is possible to legally minimize or avoid the cost of probate. Probate can be time consuming. read more

Automatic Stay

When you file for bankruptcy protection under any chapter of the bankruptcy code, an automatic stay comes into operation. This stay becomes operative as soon as you file the petition in the bankruptcy court. You need not make a separate application for the stay. It becomes operational by law.

You are entitled to this automatic stay provision without regard to the chapter of filing. Generally you will file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 or 13. Most large business file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a form of reorganization. Once you file your bankruptcy petition under any chapter of the bankruptcy code, the stay prevents your creditors from contacting you or continuing any collection activity against you. The creditors cannot file a lawsuit to collect the debt once the automatic stay in is operation. Consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.. read more

Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

Being charged with a crime is no laughing matter. Your liberty is at stake. It is important that you fight the charges against you. If you do not fight the charges, you will be convicted. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer to fight your case can mean the difference between conviction and having the charges against you dropped.

A criminal conviction has serious consequences. Depending on the charges, conviction can result in a prison sentence. Life in prison is not easy. Your movements will be limited. Besides having to spend time in a prison, you may be ordered to pay fines. The fines can run in to thousands of dollars. It will be a costly mistake to not hire a criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges against you. read more

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is Reorganization

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is also known as reorganization. As the name suggests, this bankruptcy chapter involves the reorganization of the business. Businesses that are facing financial troubles but can operate viably if their debts are reduced or the repayments postponed can avail of protection under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

Only businesses can file for protection under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code. The business can be sole proprietorship, partnership, an LLC or a corporation. Chapter 11 bankruptcy also allows for the liquidation of the assets of the business to pay off the creditors. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can review the circumstances of the business and determine if it can file for protection under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code. read more

Workers Compensation Laws

Like common law, similarly, workers compensation laws provide medical benefits that are unlimited in dollar amount and in time. In this respect, workers compensation laws do provide full compensation for employee injuries, because the amount of damages that would be awarded in a negligence action would be calculated with reference to medical care required over a lifetime, without any dollar limits. Medical benefits can be a very costly component of a claim. Such expenses can even run into the millions of dollars in some cases. A workers compensation attorney can assist in getting injured workers the compensation they rightfully deserve. read more

A Serious Car Accident Can Get You Bankrupt

Being in a serious car accident can be shattering, as it does not only cause physical injuries and car wreckage, but also a huge sum of medical expenses. This can be further aggravated if the other party who hit you does not have a proper and good insurance to cover for the accident. In this situation, you may just end up to be the one paying a hefty amount of medical expenses. In addition to that, if the other party at fault is bearing a state minimum liability limits, you will be shouldering more of the bills than expected. read more

After Having A Automobile Accident – What To Do

An individual’s life could be influenced significantly in case there is no suitable expertise and care implemented right after the individual was involved in a car accident. In an effort to minimize the rehabilitation time and increase the payment for personal injuries obtained in the car crash, victims should adhere to these steps.

Assure your safety by activating your hazard lights and staying in your vehicle until all traffic has left the scene of the car accident. Stay secured in your vehicle if you think you endured a back or spine injury. Make contact with the paramedics to help you immediately. Car accident victims frequently sustain further personal injuries from another vehicle driver of themselves because they exited their car right away. Your recovery time could be increased and you could be hindered from truly enjoying your way of life. read more

Modifying a Criminal Sentence

Even though you has been convicted and sent to jail or sentenced, it does not mean that the sentence is final. The court has the power to modify your sentence even if you have not filed appeal.

The exact rules for modifying a sentence vary from state to state. Generally in most states, a court can modify a sentence if:

  • There is      an error in the imposed sentence
  • You assist      the state/prosecution in another criminal case while in prison or while serving      the sentence

In certain circumstances, courts can also consider reducing the sentence based on your age.

When there is a clear error in the sentence, the court can modify the sentence. For example when the judge sentences you to 5 years in prison but in the written order the judge erroneously writes 8 years, the judge can correct the sentence. But this correction must be carried out within certain number of days. The exact number of days is determined by state law. The judge can correct the error on his own or when you or your lawyer brings it to his notice. read more

Protecting a Business From Litigation

Protecting a business from litigation is complex. You should consult with an experienced business lawyer for advice on how to protect your business from litigation. Litigation can prove costly for your business. Litigation has forced many businesses to shut down.

You business can be subject to different kinds of litigation. Generally the most common type of litigation that a business can face is contract disputes. Before your business enters into a contract with another party, you should have the contract reviewed by a business lawyer. The lawyer can review the contract and explain your rights and obligations under the contract. You should enter into the contract only after you have clearly understood your rights and obligations under the contract. It can be a big mistake to enter into a contract without understanding your obligations. Hire the services of an experienced business lawyer if your business is negotiating a contract with a third party. read more

Finding Answers to Your Legal Questions by Viewing Law Videos

If you’re looking for a lawyer, then you likely have a number of questions that you need answered: questions that can be maddeningly difficult to find online. While it’s easy enough to find specific sections of the law in your state, understanding how those sections relates to your situation is usually difficult. In fact, that’s why attorneys spend so much time in law school—to learn how to interpret our laws. Fortunately for you, those same lawyers are starting to provide free, easy to understand advice, in the form of online lawyer videos. Most lawyer videos are created with the intent of answering basic legal questions as they pertain to specific scenarios. You may well ask, why would lawyers do that? Simply put, they want to convince you that they know their business, can convey that information clearly, and are, in short, the right lawyer to represent you. Yes, they’re helping you, but they know that if they do their job well, they’ll be helping themselves as well. Here are some tips to getting free legal advice through online lawyer videos. read more

Advantages of Employing a Professional Defense Legal Representative

Accidents can occur to everyone, anywhere and anytime, and many people take the legal approach if this occur. So, an attorney will be needed in this situation, and many men and women think that the legal professional will assist them to fight against anything, whether it’s an person, or company. This is simply not the case, since every single situation is different, particularly in the condition of wrongful arrest. Before you determine to hire a legal professional, ensure you can get a good attorney and this is the first move that you have to do. In this article, I will explain the reason why you should employ the expert legal representative. read more